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Living Notes

written by Rene K. Mueller, Copyright (c) 2007, last updated Fri, April 4, 2008

Delicious Jam

I love making jam as it's a great way to use large amount of fruits which come this way in seasons, when they are harvested locally.

Average preparation time: 20-30 mins.

  • Plum / Cinnamon: use fresh plums, remove their seed/core, chop small slices (keep the skin); add sugar once the plums have gone soft (optionally use a blender to make it smooth), then add cinnamon, aprx. 10g per 1/2 to 1l, organic cinnamon is stronger and may require less, finally add Agaragar.
  • Apple / Cinnamon: use fresh apples, remove core, but don't skin it if you have organic apples, otherwise skin them, make small slices, add a bit water and start to cook it (optionally use a blender to make it smooth), add suggar as you like, add cinnamon aprx. 10g per 1/2 to 1l, it will make the jam brown, but tasty. Organic cinnamon maybe stronger, and therefore require less.
  • Ananas / Ginger: use a fresh ananas, or canned ananas (use the sirup), boil it with a piece (2-3cm long) ginger (skin it and chop it in small parts); and then blend it with a blender. Add sugar as you like it, optionally add a bit kurkuma which gives it a strong yellow color, and adds a bit spicy too - and finally Agargar to make it thick.
  • Kiwi / Kardamon: use seasonal kiwis (e.g. December), remove skin (put it aside), chop small pieces, start to boil the chopped kiwis with a bit of water, then use a blender to make it smooth, add sugar as like, then add kardamon, spice it strong and taste the result, finally add Agaragar.
    Use the organic kiwi skin (with still kiwi fruit flesh on it) and boil it with some water for a couple of minutes, remove the skin and keep the fruit sirup, add sugar, and again some kardamon and add Agaragar: clear kiwi jam.

Note: To add Agaragar, prepare a small bowl with cold water, and add Agaragar and mix it with the finger, a spoon or a fork, then add it to the boiling jam. Don't add Agaragar as powder into the hot jam, it will clutter.

Finally fill it up in sterilized jars (sterilize: either fill cooking water into empty jars to clean it, or put the entire jar into boiling water incl. the jar lid).

(End of Article)

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